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CPM Partner, Matthew Brown Appointed Vice Chair of Programs and Projects for the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC)

CPM Partner, Matthew Brown was recently appointed (July 2018) as the Vice Chair of Programs and Projects for the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC) for a one year term.

Key Responsibilities and Duties:

  • In conjunction with the Committee and other Vice Chairs, identify, develop, and execute programs to address issues and concerns of interest to the Committee membership.
  • Be aware of all IADC Professional Development Programs (Corporate Counsel College, International Corporate Counsel College, Trial Academy, Professional Liability Roundtable, IADC/FDCC Joint Law Firm Management Program) and Webinars and promote the aspects of them of special interest to members of the Committee
  • Work very closely with the Committee Chair in recommending and, then upon approval, developing CLE programs for presentation to Association members. Prepare and present proposals to the CLE Program Subcommittees for major programming and the CLE Committee for internal committee programming.
  • Prepare program titles, short program descriptions, and prepare the outlines for programs, to include all topics and subtopics and names of expected speakers for use in CLE accreditation and IADC marketing materials.
  • Work closely with the IADC Professional Development Manager and the assigned CLE Committee Liaison on CLE programming presented at both the Annual and Midyear Meetings.
  • Advise the Professional Development Director of any financial requests of non-member speakers for CLE programs by the date instructed on the “Dates of Compliance” document. (See Appendix 7a and 7b)
  • Attend the Annual and Midyear Meetings.
  • At the meetings, attend the CLE programming. Part of your duty as a leader of the association is to lead by example and attend the CLE programming presented each morning.
  • Participate on the regular conference calls set by the Committee Chair.