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Business Services

Our Business Law Practice Group provides a wide range of services for corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and other business organizations. We act as general counsel for numerous entities, from sole proprietorships to large corporations. Our attorneys are often called upon to act as local counsel concerning complex business transactions and corporate litigation.

Our Business Law Practice includes:

We regularly advise business clients on matters involving the sale and distribution of goods and services, restraint of trade, employee relations, the purchase, sale and leasing of real and personal property, and the formulation and implementation of tax strategies.

With this depth, we are ideally suited to the representation of both – small and medium-sized companies as “outside general counsel” and representing in-house counsel in complex matters and areas of special expertise.

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In today’s complex business and legal environments, meaningful commitments require careful consideration of a broad array of relationships, subject matter and tax laws. A good agreement is the result of a thoughtful and purposeful negotiation that is ultimately established in a well-written document. Our business attorneys have extensive experience in guiding clients through the process of analysis, negotiation and formation of their contracts. If there is a default or other issue that arises after the execution of the contract, a well-drafted agreement cannot be understated in its importance to the parties in effectively reaching a resolution.

Corporate Governance

The SEC and the various self-regulatory organizations have increased regulations to make sure officers and directors of both public and private entities are properly governed and that the integrity of their financial statements is unquestionable. Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP attorneys help guide busy executives and board members through regulatory obligations, so company stakeholders are better positioned to make informed decisions concerning the operation of their business while still complying with regulatory requirements. 

CPM can help boards of directors and corporate executives to understand and fulfill their duties to government agencies, self-regulatory organizations and their shareholders. We can offer guidance both before and after problems arise. Our attorneys can also help businesses establish policies and procedures that provide a roadmap to assist their officers and directors to better understand and adhere to their duties.

Employee Compensation and Benefits

In times past, most employees went to work for a company where they planned to stay for their entire career. In today’s mobile society, that is no longer the case. Today, most employers need to be creative in the ways that they compensate and motivate key employees. This is especially true in those industries where the employer’s most valuable asset walks out of the door each evening.

Our experienced business lawyers can help employers in structuring compensation arrangements that motivate and help keep key employees, including those situations where the employer wants to provide the employee with some level of ownership or other benefits.

Public Companies

Being a public company can provide special opportunities, such as accessing capital for business growth and acquisitions, using marketable securities as non-cash capital, and having a “ready market” for shareholders to sell their shares.

However, public companies have many compliance regulations about the issuance of their securities, as well as information dissemination and disclosure. 

The laws affecting public companies do not exist in a static environment. Old rules are changed and new rules are promulgated with frequency. Our lawyers are well-informed about new developments, and we can provide sound counsel and advice regarding ever-changing rules and regulations.

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Captive Insurance Companies

Many business owners are unaware of the benefits that can be provided using a captive insurance company. Often, we find these owners have heard of “captives” or think only large corporations utilize them. The fact is that thousands of closely held companies have risks insured by one or more captive insurance companies. A captive insurance company provides increased flexibility in managing business risk.

We focus on the use of a captive insurance company by closely held businesses that we believe are qualified by revenue and pre-tax profits to benefit from the use of a captive. We counsel such companies on the insurance features, risk assessment, formation, planning and ongoing management of the captive.

Immigration Services

In our interconnected global society, more than ever, businesses are seeking to draw upon the skills and knowledge of foreign professionals and specially trained individuals. The immigration process can be complex, and at times even discouraging. Our firm has been assisting business clients for decades with their immigration needs. We understand the law and the often-unpredictable nature of the process.

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