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Ending a marriage is never an easy decision and can often be emotionally draining for everyone involved. Whether you are moving forward with a separation or have been served divorce papers, it is important to choose a family law attorney that will help guide strategic decision-making and ensuring that your rights and interests remain safeguarded.

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Don’t wait until you are overwhelmed by the divorce process to hire a divorce attorney. The attorneys in Carlile Patchen & Murphy’s Family Law Practice Group take care in guiding our clients through the process to safeguard not only your assets but the overall well-being of your loved ones. Our team of divorce lawyers has more than 20 years of experience and handle cases throughout the state of Ohio.

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  • Divorce & Dissolution 
  • Asset and Debt Division 
  • Spousal & Child Support 
  • Custody Agreements 
  • Contempt of Court 
  • Prenuptial Agreements  
  • Enforcement of Court Orders 

Which Resolution is Right for You?

Whether your divorce is contested, or you can ultimately reach an agreed-upon dissolution, we handle the complex litigation, negotiations, and paperwork involved in your case. We ensure throughout the entire divorce proceedings that you are informed.  

Post-Decree Modifications

Thing have changed and I want to modify our divorce agreement, what issues can a post-decree motion address? 

It’s important to understand that not all issues which may arise following a divorce or dissolution can be solved through post-decree modifications. However, it is important to reach out to a knowledgeable family law attorney to understand your options. Some of the most common issues involve children. This can include primary custody of your children, visitation rights and times and child support payments.  

Generally speaking, unless jurisdiction is specifically preserved in the appropriate documents and court decree allowing future consideration and court determination, issues related to marital assets, debts, property division and spousal support are final! Essentially, you only get one bite at the apple on these non-child related issues, unless there is a specific and court ordered preservation of rights to readdress them after your divorce or dissolution. 

In addition, while the court always has jurisdiction to address issues related to children following a divorce or dissolution, it is important for parents to understand that absent an agreement between the parents it can be very difficult to change parenting time, custody, and school placement issues.

Enforcement of Court Orders

In some cases, a party may fail to follow a court’s order leading the offended party to file a motion for contempt. Some examples include failing to pay child or spousal support, not adhering to parenting time schedules, or not living up to debt obligations. If found in violation, individuals can be sentenced to jail, ordered to pay monetary sanctions and/or attorney fees, as well as taking steps to reinstate compliance.

It’s important to take the necessary steps and build a compelling case when filing contempt of court in Ohio. Careful planning, sound family legal counsel, and plenty of proof that the individual willingly violated the order is paramount.

Our divorce attorneys ensure that all the proper steps are taken, giving your case a better chance of success.

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Updating Your Estate Plan

After you go through the process of dissolution or divorce, it is important to protect yourself from future litigation. One key component is your estate plan. When your marital status changes, one of our estate planning attorneys can help you make the necessary updates and protect your estate from unnecessary legal challenges.

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