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Bankruptcy & Creditors Rights

Drawing upon our attorneys broad experience and diverse legal specialties throughout the firm, we provide our clients creative and practical solutions. The Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP Creditor Rights Group offers a wide spectrum of services to meet the needs of its clients in the credit recovery cycle.  CPM’s clients include consumer and commercial credit grantors, banks, credit unions and medical groups.

Benefits of using CPM’s Creditor Rights Group:

  • Concise remittance, costs and collection analysis reporting
  • Client established work standards
  • Experienced business lawyers dedicated to the Creditor Rights practice

CPM’s Creditor Rights Group provides a multi-jurisdictional, comprehensive approach to its clients’ collection management processes, ensuring clients obtain maximum recovery for their collection accounts, while managing the cost of this recovery and protecting its clients’ rights under the Federal Bankruptcy Code.  Services are available on hourly and contingent fee structures.

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Corporate Bankruptcy

As with many aspects of business, being proactive to avoid potential problems, rather than trying to resolve problems once the business has been affected, significantly increases a business’s overall efficiency and profitability.  CPM’s business lawyers keep apprised of changes in Bankruptcy Law, which enables CPM to provide clients with regular counsel and guidance in business decisions and strategies that maximize client position and enforcement of client rights.

Insolvency Issues

Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP represents clients who are involved in negotiations with financially challenged persons, both before and after that challenged person may be forced into Bankruptcy.

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