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Non-Profit Legal Services

Challenges abound in the intricate landscape of non-profit operations, from regulatory mazes to governance intricacies. At Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP, we are a law firm that specializes in non-profit qualification and governance. We understand the hurdles faced by Central Ohio non-profit organizations, public charities, and private foundations. Our mission is clear: to provide robust, cost-effective legal solutions that empower your non-profit to thrive in the face of legal complexities.

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Does your organization qualify as a non-profit?

Is your organization considering tax-exempt status? Our non-profit legal process begins by delving into the intricacies of tax-exempt purpose laws, rules, and guidelines. Our seasoned attorneys will provide an informed assessment, offering insight into the likelihood of receiving a determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Contact our team today to explore whether your organization meets the qualifying criteria.

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Understanding non-profit law is essential for the success and longevity of your organization. The legal framework governing non-profits is intricate and nuanced, encompassing various aspects such as governance, taxation, compliance, and more. Failure to navigate these legal intricacies could lead to financial penalties, loss of tax-exempt status, or even the dissolution of your organization. That’s why having a knowledgeable legal partner like CPM is invaluable for non-profit entities seeking to operate smoothly within the bounds of the law.

Creating a Legal Non-Profit Organization

Non-profit and tax-exempt organizations are, at their core, sophisticated business entities. Whether focused on education, religion, support, arts, culture, or human services, CPM lawyers possess the acumen to review and recommend tailored policies and procedures that address the unique challenges faced by such entities.

Tax Exempt Status and Compliance

Understanding the distinction between private foundations and public charities is vital for receiving and maintaining tax-exempt status. We will guide you through the compliance requirements for both types of organizations.

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Employment and Volunteer Issues

CPM will help you ensure your non-profit adheres to employment law regulations, offering guidance on contracts, volunteer waivers, and discrimination issues, fostering a harmonious work environment. Make sure your organization meets all non-profit compliance standards in Ohio.

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Affordable Housing and Tax Credits

Non-profit developers engaged in affordable housing projects find an ally in CPM. We provide comprehensive support, from securing tax credits to financing through various avenues. Our legal expertise ensures that your projects address housing needs efficiently and effectively.

Charitable Giving

Our Family Wealth & Estate Planning Practice Group empowers individuals seeking to make a difference. We guide you through complex charitable giving arrangements, helping establish pledge and endowment funds that adhere to governmental regulations while maximizing your non-profit’s potential.

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Non-Profit Disputes

Disputes can disrupt the progress of non-profits organizations. CPM’s non-profit legal prowess comes to the forefront when resolving conflicts, ensuring your organization can focus on its mission without legal hindrances.

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