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Employment Law

Understanding employment laws is essential for employers to navigate the complex legal landscape and protect their rights and interests and the interests of their employees. We know that navigating the intricacies of federal, state, and local employment regulations can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That’s why our dedicated team of experienced employment law attorneys is here to overcome these challenges.

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Protecting Your Business and Employees
Every Step of the Way

Our knowledgeable employment law attorneys stay informed with the latest legal developments and regulations to provide our clients with accurate and practical advice. Whether you need assistance with employment contracts, workplace policies, compliance with laws, or defending against employment disputes, Carlile Patchen & Murphy is here to help.

Contact us today for a consultation if you require expert guidance on employment law matters for your business. Our experienced employment law attorneys will work closely with you to understand your needs and provide tailored solutions that align with your goals. With CPM by your side, you can navigate your business with confidence.

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HR Consulting and Compliance Advice

Providing employees with consistent human resources (HR) support and ensuring compliance with employment laws takes significant time and effort. At CPM, we offer HR consulting services to assist our clients in developing effective HR strategies to benefit their workforce and maintain legal compliance.

Our proactive approach to helping clients deal with everyday workplace issues starts with providing expert HR consulting and compliance advice. We assist you in setting clear guidelines and expectations for your workforce, developing and enforcing workplace policies, and creating a healthy work environment that benefits both employers and employees. Our employment law attorneys regularly work with business owners and HR Directors to find solutions that follow the law and are tailored to the needs of a specific workplace.

From day-to-day advice on employment laws to addressing unique personnel problems, our attorneys guide you through the maze of employment regulations. By involving our lawyers in the process early on, clients benefit from a more deliberate approach to hiring, firing, and promotion while gaining confidence in handling workplace challenges.

Compensating Key Employees

Attracting and retaining top talent requires developing effective compensation strategies for key employees. Our attorneys assist in structuring compensation packages, including incentives, equity-based compensation, and executive benefits. By developing comprehensive compensation plans, you can incentivize key employees, protect proprietary information, and ensure they align with legal requirements and your business goals.

Employment Litigation Prevention and Defense

A proactive response to employment-related litigation is crucial for protecting your organization. Our attorneys take a proactive approach by conducting compliance audits, providing alternative dispute resolution techniques, and developing litigation defense strategies for you. We help you minimize legal risks and provide robust representation if litigation arises.

Individual Representation

In the dynamic realm of employment law, our esteemed law firm, renowned for its expertise in employer-centric matters, extends its services to address a range of individual representation needs. As we continue to provide top-tier counsel to employers, we recognize the importance of a balanced legal landscape. Our individual representation services are designed to guide employees through multifaceted scenarios, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their rights while upholding the standards of fairness and legality. Our attorneys assist individuals with navigating:

  • Employment contract negotiation
  • Severance package reviews
  • Advice and counsel regarding non-compete agreements and other restrictive covenants

Our individual representation services exemplify our nuanced approach to employment law, upholding fairness, ethics, and the rights of all parties involved.

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