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Business Transactions

At Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP, our attorneys have represented clients in virtually every type of corporate and financial transaction. We strive to offer solutions for transaction-based planning cost-effectively and pragmatically, understanding that the primary objective of our clients is to “complete the deal.”

Our Business Transactions scope includes:

Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

We recognize that joint ventures and strategic alliances are commonplace in today’s business environment – and when properly executed, these types of business arrangements can lead to multiple economic and financial benefits.

Our attorneys can help guide businesses through a variety of legal areas such as business structure and corporate governance, tax issues, real estate law, oil and mineral rights, intellectual property, labor and employment issues, competition, trade and antitrust issues and marketing strategies and distribution. The attorneys at Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP help our clients to be in the best position to realize their objectives when forming a joint venture or entering into a strategic alliance. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether the markets are up or down, whether the economy is expanding or contracting, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are an essential growth strategy for any company. At Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP, our experienced lawyers can help guide businesses through M&A transactions.

Our clients look to us for assistance with every aspect of a complex transaction, including financing, regulatory approval, due diligence, deal structure, tax analysis and planning and post-acquisition operations.

The planning and implementation of M&A transactions requires the coordination of a variety of legal skills. Our attorneys have assisted in transactions involving matters as small as the sale of a single car wash to matters as complex as leveraging buyouts in excess of a billion dollars.

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