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Elder Law

As we age, our needs in life change and often become more complex. Having a legal partner who understands those changing needs can make a difference.

We handle important estate planning matters and also address issues affecting the day-to-day care of your loved ones, such as long-term care planning. Our attorneys approach each situation with sensitivity towards your loved ones’ emotional and physical needs while working to protect assets and obtain care.

Trusted Advocates for You and Your Loved Ones

Multiple strategies exist to help you preserve the assets you earned over your lifetime against the devastating financial costs of long-term care. Unfortunately, many people don’t know about these planning tools. Our attorneys are trained to facilitate conversations about the possibility of long-term care and encourage clients to revisit their estate plan as health changes.

Individual estates vary in complexity. At one point in your lifetime, you may be most concerned about what will happen to your minor children in the event of a tragedy. As you reach retirement age, you should start evaluating your need to plan for future health needs.

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Long Term Care Planning & Benefits

The need for long-term care can substantially impact you and your loved ones. Not only does dealing with dementia, physical incapacity, or many other debilitating illnesses of age take a terrible toll on the family, the costs associated with care can be an unbearable burden. Many individuals are surprised when they find out that Medicare does not cover in-home care, assisted living, and nursing care for any sustained period. The current average cost of a nursing home in Columbus is nearly $10,000 per month. Understandably, these costs can completely wipe out a family’s life savings.

We help individuals and families find the right solution for their needs by protecting their estate and gaining access to guarded public benefit programs. Our attorneys can help you:

  • Maximize your benefits, including Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, and VA benefits
  • Identify your loved ones’ skilled care needs and available benefit options
  • Review your care facility contracts and policy disputes
  • Implement asset protection strategies to avoid ‘spend down,’ including asset protection trusts and LLCs, pooled trusts, exempt gifting, and spousal support plans
  • Investigate elder-related legal issues


Unfortunately, when loved ones cannot manage their affairs or even appoint a person to help, or where the family is fighting about the best steps, it may be necessary to ask a court to grant guardianship. This is a challenging, often traumatic experience that we want to avoid. If this situation cannot be avoided, our experienced probate attorneys can help review your options and potentially represent the party seeking or resisting guardianship.

Estate Recovery & Avoidance

When families are faced with the loss of a loved one, it is essential to have an attorney you can trust to help you through the many issues that can arise after death. If your loved one received Medicaid benefits during life, their estate might be subject to recovery by the attorney general’s office. Our attorneys have experience managing those claims after a loved one passes.

Whether you are preparing your estate plan, applying for Medicaid, or handling an estate recovery claim, entrusting our lawyers to manage the details and complexities of the estate allows you to focus on taking care of yourself and your family.

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