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Trusted Legal Business Advisors

Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP’s legal business advisors combine exceptional service with good judgment, common sense, and a practical approach to achieve results for our clients. We bring value to each business transaction by not wasting time on obscure technical points or unreasonable bargaining positions. We act quickly and effectively to advise our clients on negotiating the entire transaction rather than just advising on legal points. We also understand that for many clients, a business transaction such as the purchase or sale of a business may be the first and only transaction in which the client will engage. Therefore, as legal business advisors, we ensure our clients understand the process.

Navigating Business Transactions

As a business owner, you will receive the help you need to negotiate and structure transactions, prepare letters of intent, conduct due diligence investigations, structure financing arrangements, and complete business transactions. Whether you are the buyer, who is a strategic acquirer or financial investor, or the seller, who is a first-transaction entrepreneur or a deal-sophisticated business owner, our business attorneys bring the necessary legal expertise to the table to get the deal done.

Every client works directly with an experienced business advisor attorney who remains hands-on from start to finish. We have special expertise in serving emerging and growth-stage ventures, as well as established companies in the middle market. We understand our clients’ need for cost-effective, flexible service.

Business Formation

We’re here for your business from the start. In addition to business advisory services to help you run your business, we offer business formation consultation to get your business up and running.

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Business Advisor Support from CPM

If you are a business owner who needs the legal support of a business attorney, Carlile, Patchen & Murphy can help. Our team of legal business advisors can guide you through the process of initiating a business transaction and negotiating terms, all the way through closing. Schedule a consultation today with one of our experienced business attorneys, or call our office to speak to someone from our team.

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