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Mastering Difficult Conversations and Negotiation with Kwame Christian

Whether the change in career was jump started by job loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic or just the right time, the decision to change careers can leave many unanswered questions and doubts. Host of The Career Clarity Show, Lisa Lewis, sat down with CPM Attorney and Director of the American Negotiation Institute, Kwame Christian to discuss ways to extend your skills in a different direction and help cast away some of your doubt.

The Career Clarity Show is a podcast dedicated to understanding what makes a career fulfilling, how to craft a career path that can be as dynamic as the gig economy, and how you can get clarity and confidence about what you want and where to find it.

Lisa is a woman on a mission to help individuals feel more joy in their work. She believed if your job qualifies as someone else’s “dream job” — but not your own — you are spending way too many hours every week at work to not make a change to find more fun and fulfillment.

She started this mission in New York City, trying to take advantage of every single opportunity the city had to offer. Upon graduation she help 8 separate internships, 7 different jobs, and was a columnist and photographer for her school newspaper. She had a deep passion for trying new things and exploring different job industries.

After graduation she entered a variety of industries and roles, but never felt satisfied. The positions often left her wanting more growth and mentorship. She found herself volunteering for many side projects, including her personal passion project, where she ran an internal employee happiness and retention initiative. She served as as a regional driver for the company-wide women’s empowerment program.

This is where she discovered her passion for coaching. Her journey didn’t end here. After day-today tasks and responsibilities continued to beat her into submission, she stepped back. She entered into a period of self exploration, and began asking herself, “is this all there is? Will the next 30 years in the working world feel like this?”

Lisa decided she wanted to help prevent people from experiencing chronic anxiety, stress and frustration around work. She wanted to help people manage their careers with ease and peace. Lisa pivoted her career, and took the GRE applying to grad school to get her master’s in clinical mental health counseling with the goal of becoming a therapist. Though this shift was in the right direction, it still wasn’t the “fit” she was looking for.

After a ton of introspection, reflection, and working with therapist, friends, family, and her own career coach to get clear on exactly how she wanted to serve through her work. She began business coaching, working 1-on-1 to help individuals find fulfilling work just for them.


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