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Podcast: Demystifying Family Wealth & Estate Planning and Probate

Get ready to plug into an electrifying episode of the Business Inspires Podcast! Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to a local legal expert, Brandon Borgmann, from the esteemed Carlile Patchen and Murphy LLP. Get your headphones ready as we embark on a journey into the captivating realms of estate and business succession planning, probate expertise, special needs law, and the intricate world of taxation. Listen as he expertly navigates you through the twists and turns of estate planning intricacies, special needs planning, and the art of business succession.

Some areas we cover include…

  • Discuss why everyone needs an estate plan and when the need arises (age 18 and life events such as having a child, getting married, getting divorced, etc.)
  • Importance of powers of attorney for parents of children turning 18, allowing access to medical records and financial management
  • Range of clients and their financial situations, from young married couples with negative net worth to those with millions of dollars
  • Importance of planning for the care of children and management of inherited assets after the death of both parents
  • Tailoring estate planning services to each client’s specific situation and preferences
  • The inclusion of documents such as powers of attorney and the avoidance of guardianship in case of incapacitation
  • The emotional nature of estate planning but the importance of making choices oneself rather than leaving them to strangers
  • The goal of estate planning is to achieve the client’s intent and maintain control over decision-making


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