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Patent Law Expertise

Patent law provides inventors with exclusive rights to their creations, fostering an environment where groundbreaking ideas can flourish. This legal framework serves as a catalyst for progress, encouraging inventors to invest time, resources, and creativity in developing novel solutions to real-world problems, with protections against intellectual property theft. Carlile Patchen & Murphy specializes in the counsel of patent law, from the determination of eligibility, the application process, the clearance of patent applications and litigation support of patent infringement claims. Schedule a consultation with one of our intellectual property attorneys to learn more.

Patent Search and Clearance Buyout for Sellers

The patent attorneys at CPM Law can also help with the validation of your patent idea. To meet the patent application criteria, your patented idea must be unique, and our team of patent legal experts can perform the due diligence required to validate your patent as a one-of-a-kind idea that will sail through the application process. The search process also involves discovery of other patents that may be similar and identifying unique aspects of your idea.

Patent Application Submission

A patent application is a significant investment, and there are many potential pitfalls for the unwary. However, while navigating the patent application process may sound daunting, it helps to have trusted legal counsel on your side. CPM can help you start the application process and advise you on any gaps that may affect the approval of your patent application.

Patent Litigation Support

Once you secure your patent, it is important to protect your patent from infringement. Our patent attorneys will vigorously defend your patent against parties that attempt to use your patented idea without your permission. Our patent litigation team has the experience to pursue legal remedies for infringement and keep your patented material safe within the framework of your approved patent.

Types of Patents

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If you have an idea that is ready for a patent or have an existing patent that is under threat of infringement, contact our office today. Our attorneys can guide you through the application process and aggressively represent your interests. Call our office today to request a patent law consultation.

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