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Using Storytelling to Become Persuasive With Carl Aveni

For many, the art of storytelling may conjure memories of tales told around a campfire. But storytelling can also be used to cultivate business and aid in persuasion. Host of Negotiate Anything Podcast, Kwame Christian, sat down with CPM Attorney and Candidate for Judge of the Franklin County Commons Please Court, Carl Aveni, to discuss how to use storytelling to become more persuasive. In this episode, you will examine why stories are so powerful in influencing conversations. In addition, Carl will outline the key elements of persuasive storytelling, and how to start improving negotiations today.

Bestselling author, attorney, and speaker, Kwame Christian, is the Director of the American Negotiation Institute and a respected voice in the field of negotiation and conflict resolution. Christian has conducted workshops throughout North America and abroad and is a highly sought-after national keynote speaker. Host of the world’s most popular negotiation podcast, Negotiate Anything, Kwame is dedicated to empowering professionals through the art and science of negotiation and persuasion. Now downloaded almost 2 million times, Negotiate Anything has a dedicated and growing following with listeners in more than 180 countries around the world.

Kwame Christian joined Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP in August 2020 where he serves as Of Counsel. His practice focuses on representing closely held businesses and their owners in a broad scope of legal needs including business formation and structuring, finance, transactions (including acquisitions and contract preparation and analysis), employment and general business and legal counseling.


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