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Forging A Strong Foundation For Future Growth

Success doesn’t happen over night. Often times it takes careful planning, motivated leadership, and a solid foundation. In this episode, host of Ignite Your Business® Podcast, Kelly Broth, sat down with CPM Attorney, Geoff Kunkler to discuss how forging a strong foundation, can mean future growth.

The Ignite Your Business® Podcast is a resource for business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs and other industry leaders looking for a way to exchange ideas and learn from interviews with other highly respected local business professionals from a variety of industries and different sized companies.

The semi-weekly podcast focuses on a variety of subject matter, including leadership, management and company culture. Episodes include, “What’s on the Mind of Columbus Business Owners,” “Why Culture Is Important to Business,” “Making the Rounds: Engaging with Employees to Make a Better Workplace,” “Smart SEO,” and “Telling Your Story through PR.”

With over 35 years of marketing experience, GREENCREST CEO and podcast host, Kelly Borth, leads with experience and can be valuable voice around your leadership table. A visionary and a problem-solver, Kelly is known in the business community for her clever marketing strategy and her keen ability to listen and tune into an organization’s unique needs.

Continuously building relationships and transforming clients into market leaders, Kelly has received numerous honors for her business and community leadership. She serves on several local business and non-profit advisory boards and is one of 35 certified brand strategists in the U.S.

GREENCREST was inspired in 1990. Since then, GREENCREST has grown to become an integral part of the Columbus business community. As a full-service marketing, advertising, public relations, digital and social media agency, GREENCREST specializes in turning market players into industry leaders.®


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