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Jane Higgins Marx named Most Professional Law Practice Managing Partner

CEO Monthly Magazine recently announced the winners of its prestigious C-Suite Awards 2023. Among the distinguished recipients is Jane Higgins Marx, Managing Partner at Carlile Patchen & Murphy, a leading full-service Columbus-based law firm. Jane was named CEO Monthly’s ‘Most Professional Law Practice Managing Partner 2023 (Ohio)’.

Stephanie Tooby, the Awards Coordinator, expressed her admiration for this year’s winners, acknowledging their outstanding contributions:

“It has been a wonderful experience to host the C-Suite Awards 2023, and I wish every one of our winners a huge congratulations on their success. I am sure they will continue to make a difference in their businesses so that we can all experience what true greatness looks like.”

These awards recognize the outstanding contributions and exceptional leadership of C-Level Executives across various industries—and Jane embodies this every day by encouraging the staff and attorneys at CPM to showcase their remarkable skills, commitment, and unwavering dedication to their practice areas.

About C-Suite Awards

The C-Suite Awards honor the individuals who go above and beyond their responsibilities, propelling their companies to greater heights. C-Level Executives, including the CFO, CSO, CTO, CIO, and CMO, play pivotal roles in shaping business strategies, driving development, and ensuring efficient management processes. In an ever-changing and highly competitive business landscape, these leaders are instrumental in navigating challenges and transforming them into opportunities for growth.

Recognizing Exceptional Leadership

Jane Higgins Marx demonstrates her exceptional leadership and significantly impacts the legal industry by advancing the community, positively impacting client experience, and fostering sustainable growth. Jane’s achievements exemplify her dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to legal excellence.

The C-Suite, comprised of influential executives, forms the well-oiled machinery that drives businesses forward. Their vision, strategic thinking, and decision-making abilities shape the future of their organizations. Individuals selected for the C-Suite Awards are exceptional leaders who have excelled in their roles and played a vital role in the success and progress of their respective companies. By transforming challenges into opportunities, these exceptional executives have set new standards of excellence in their industries.


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