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Tune in to ABC 6 for “Ask the Attorney”

Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP attorney, Joe Patchen, along with a panel of other volunteer lawyers from the Columbus Bar Association, will participate in the ABC 6 (WSYX-TV) “Ask the Attorney” segment tomorrow, August 26. This program provides Columbus residents the opportunity, every Wednesday between 5:00 PM and 6:30 PM, to ask legal questions at no cost and with no obligation. 

Joe Patchen is a Partner at Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP, where he practices business and real estate law. He represents businesses, owners and professionals in business and real estate matters. His business law practice emphasizes corporation and limited liability company formation, planning, succession and asset protection. His commercial real estate representation focuses on construction, leasing and acquisition. 

If you missed your opportunity to ask your question during the segment or would like to ask your question privately and confidentially, you can always contact Joe or any of our attorneys and schedule a consultation today.  


  1. I have a question. I have to file an EEOC complaint against the state who is the employer. Everyone has told me to go to the federal EEOC. However, I’ve gotten cryptic, mixed messages from lawyers offices I’ve contacted. I don’t know if I should file with the EEOC first, before retaining a lawyer or get a lawyer retained immediately before filing the EEOC complaint. I’m told EEOC actually does noting but go through some bureaucratic process then kick out a permission to sue notice which I need for phase 2 which will require a lawyer. I know the retaliation at work will increase once EEOC contacts my employer, so I would like to have a lawyer from the beginning, however, some of the lawyers I’ve contacted asked specifically if I’ve already been through the EEOC process without explaining why. I’d like to handle what I can before paying lawyers but I don’t know if they’d take my case before the EEOC complaint finishes and I don’t know if I need to pay a lawyer ahead of the EEOC complaint to protect myself from further retaliation.

    I need advice on this. Please help.

  2. My question is in a probate court my sister is our personal representative she has stolen 30 guns for my dad’s gun collection my brothers and sisters and I are ready to give testimony on the missing guns the missing life insurance policies missing death benefits but no attorneys either side seem to when I let us testify I contacted FBI State Police Indiana Supreme Court nobody wants to help I reached out to the bar association no attorneys will help

    1. We are sorry to hear about the frustrations your family is experiencing. Thank you for reaching out to us Audrey. I would suggest giving one of our probate attorneys a call to discuss your matter privately in more detail.

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